Tips for Better Arm Movements

Arms can either make or break a dancer. Have you ever seen a famous bellydancer with less than amazing arm movements? I didn’t think so!  Here are some tips and exercises to get your arms in shape and up to par with your dancing.


  • If you are choreographing a fast, energetic piece, your arms need to be strong and sharp! If you’re doing a more traditional or slower song, think graceful. Make sure to have your arms react with each music change as well.
  • When doing any reaching arm movement, think about trying to lengthen your arm as far as it can go. This will make your movement stronger and more dramatic.
  • Variety! Change your arm positions frequently! Nothing is more boring than a dancer not moving her arms. Listen to the music and choreograph the arms to fit.
  • Make your movements natural. If it feels awkward, it probably looks awkward. Don’t be afraid to try something new!



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